Cover of the ebook "The 21CM Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship"

for fall 2017 courses

A New Online Text ​from the 21st-Century Musician Initiative and Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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Get the resource that every 21st-century musician needs to thrive, not just survive, in today’s modern musical landscape.

As traditional music career paths become increasingly scarce, 21st-century musicians must reach out to new and diverse audiences to ensure career success and sustainability. Music entrepreneurship courses equip students with the skills and mindsets to build relationships with their communities, jumpstart and fund new initiatives, engage new audiences, and ultimately create successful and meaningful careers.

The 21CM Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship introduces students to how the working musicians’ world works and provides them with the tools necessary to invent and execute successful community-based projects. This revolutionary online text by Mark Rabideau embraces the civic-mindedness of service-learning, the high intellectual and performance standards of the academic community, and the creative energy of the entrepreneurial artist.

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The text facilitates a one-semester course* that makes the most of the collective wisdom of world-class musicians, leading entrepreneurship educators, and the local knowledge of onsite instructors. The text is fully online and includes:

  • A course syllabus with goals and outcomes
  • Weekly chapters in written and audio formats
  • Embedded audio and video stories and related readings
  • Community engagement and research assignments
  • Reflection and discussion prompts
  • Activities to develop creative problem-solving strategies
  • A Toolkit of 35 How-To videos with printable instructions
  • Case studies of revolutionary artists in today’s world

An instructor’s version of the online text includes:

  • Descriptions of sample community-based projects
  • Detailed instructions and materials lists for classroom activities
  • Additional topics for classroom discussion
  • Links to inspirational and educational videos
  • Direction on applying readings and activities to the implementation of a successful community project
  • Problem management suggestions for group project success
  • Progress rubrics and grading recommendations

*Student purchase includes 7 months of access to the text. The instructor’s version of the text is available for 12-month exam copy access.

This truly interdisciplinary approach to student career preparation draws from arts administration, business and nonprofit studies, rhetorical theory, social sciences, organizational theory, design strategy, and more. It challenges students to be outcome focused, building on theory and policy in order to take creative action with lasting impact as it welcomes students and instructors into the growing 21CM community of revolutionary artists.

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